Automechanika Istanbul Mobile Application

Navigate and meet the automotive industry professionals from all over the world in Automechanika Istanbul mobile application. Create your badge, meetings and notes that will help you with your visit to Turkey's Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry.


Indoor Navigation

Let Automechanika Istanbul Plus mobile application guide you through halls and booths to the location you want to reach. Type in the name of exhibitor you’re looking for or filter exhibitors by product categories and choose one from the results and Automechanika Istanbul will create the shortest route and guide you based on your real time position on the fair ground. Just like a GPS navigation system does while you are driving. You can also find nearest restrooms, restaurants and lounges.

Information on the Trade Fair

All essential information about the fair is at your hand. Trade fair’s opening hours, location, transportation options, free shuttle schedule, website, short description along with its scope are displayed under “Info” section of the app. “Events” section offers access to events schedules of the fair.

My Profile & Favourites

Create a profile in order to get your e-badge and have a customized fair experience. You can login with your LinkedIn account or you can use your online registration information to create your profile. You can mark your desired exhibitors, products and events as favorite and create personalized short lists.


Get your free e-badge by filling e-badge form in the app. If you already registered, the barcode that you can use to pass through baffle gates will be displayed in this section of the app.

Suggestions for B2B Matchmaking

During your visitor registration, the information you provide about the product groups you're interested in will help us provide a list of recommended suppliers for you. With these recommendations for B2B matchmaking, it will be much easier for you to find the products and meet the suppliers you're looking for.

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