Facts and Figures

The largest Automechanika Istanbul of all times which brings together the automotive aftermarket industry, has come to an end. 1,437 exhibitors from 41 countries and 10 country pavilions took part in the trade fair which was held in Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt Istanbul and Hannover Fairs Turkey, while a total of 58,024 trade visitors from all around the world visited the fair. The number of visitors increased by 20% compared to the last year‘s edition.

Figures of Automechanika Istanbul 2023


10101 Components for conventional drive systems (engine, gearbox, powertrain, exhaust)

10102 Chassis (axles, steering, brakes, wheels, shock absorbers)

10103 Body (metal parts, roof systems, mounted parts, windows, bumpers)

10104 Standard mechanical parts (fastening elements, threaded and securing elements, sealing rings, roller bearings) 

10105 Interior (cockpits, buttons, switches, instruments, airbags, seats, shelf and storage concepts, illumination, heating, air-condition ing, electrical adjusters, interior filters)

10106 Exterior (doors, windows/glass, mounted parts) 

10107 Charging accessories 12 volt (plugs, cables, connectors) 

10108 Regenerated, restored and renewed parts for cars and utility vehicles

10109 External vehicle air quality and exhaust gas treatment (diesel aftermarket solutions, SCR, filters, sensors) 

10110 New materials (3D printing, fiber composites, renewable resources, hybrid materials, recyclable materials) 

10111 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

12101 Engine electronics (control units, bus systems, sensors, actuators)

12102 Vehicle lighting (headlights, LED/OLED, lasers, exterior and interior lighting, intelligent headlight systems, night and thermal-imaging cameras)

12103 Electrical systems (electrical power supply, batteries, cables, wiring harnesses, cable mounting and connecting elements, plug conne ctions, sensors, on-board diagnostics, high-voltage systems)

12104 Comfort electronics (wellness and health systems, automatic air-conditioning, seat heating and ventilation, electric seat adjustment , keyless-go systems, driver assistance systems, vehicle safety systems, control systems)

12105  Human machine interface (HMI) (eye tracking, facial expression tracking, gesture control systems) 

12106 Connectivity (car-to-car, car-to-enterprise, car-to-infrastructure, car-to-driver, LTE, functions on demand) 

12107 Internet of things (smart home, additional services, mobile devices) 

12108 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

14101 General accessories for motor vehicles (rack systems, trailer hitches, roof boxes, air fresheners, jacks, technical solutions, techn ical textiles, car safety products)

14102 Technical customizing (sports exhaust systems, sports air filters, sports chassis, chip and engine tuning, sound design, seats, club sport)

14103 Visual customizing (interior design, bodywork elements, car wrapping, spray films, airbrush systems)

14104 Infotainment and Car-IT (multimedia, navigation, car media devices, sound systems, integrable services) 

14105  Special vehicles, equipment, assemblies and modifications (off-road and pickup accessories, taxis, police and ambulance vehicles, ar moring, municipal vehicles and vehicles for the disabled)

14106 Trailers for cars and small commercial vehicles, spare and accessory parts for trailers 

14107 Merchandizing (clothes, accessories) 

14108 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

16101 Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance (systems and equipment, battery management, lifting gear, test and measurement equipme nt, tire installation, workshop equipment, networking software)

16102 Tools (impact screwdrivers, diagnostic equipment, compressors, wrenches)

16103 Digital maintenance (predictive maintenance, over-the-air diagnostics, over-the-air updates and services, remote services)

16104 Vehicle diagnostics (diagnostic equipment and software, on-board diagnostics)

16105 Maintenance and repair of vehicle superstructures (RV/caravan and motor home superstructures, custom and special superstructures for lightweight and heavyweight utility vehicles)

16106 Towing equipment (vehicles, trailers, towing equipment and technology) 

16107 Workshop equipment for repair and maintenance for alternative drive concepts (tools for high-voltage systems, hydrogen sensors)  

16108 Fastening and bonding solutions (rivets, adhesives, screws, soldering, welding materials, lasers)

16109 Waste disposal and recycling (systems, equipment, management systems)

16110 Workshop safety and ergonomic workshop (air purification, ventilation, heating, health-enhancing and safety-enhancing technologies)

16111 Workshop and dealership equipment (shopfitting/shop systems, sales equipment, office and warehouse equipment, work clothing)

16112 Oils and lubricants (systems, equipment, lubricants, auxiliaries and consumables, disposal and recycling) 

16113 Technical fluids (coolants, gases, fluid management) 

16114 Workshop concepts 

16115 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

18101 Workshop / dealership / filling station planning and construction (business consultants, certifications, environmental protection consultants, architecture)

18102 Dealer, sales and service management (dealer management systems, special applications and equipment)

18103 Digital marketing (mobile and stationary solutions)

18104 Customer data management (data analysis and management, big data)

18105 Online presence (search machine optimization, homepage design, online marketing)

18106 E-commerce and mobile payment 

18107 Basic and advanced training and professional development (mechanics, mechatronics, bodywork, paintwork, electromobility, sales, mana gement)

18108 Workshop and dealership marketing (external advertising, advertising media, agencies, signalization) 

18109 Online service providers and vehicle/parts/service marts 

18110 Economic regeneration, research, consulting, cluster initiatives

18111 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

20101 Washing (automatic car wash facilities for exteriors, wash stations, washing equipment, chemicals, accessories) 

20102 Vehicle care (exterior and interior cleaning, equipment for vehicle care, cleaning and care products, washing accessories, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners)

20103 Vehicle preparation and detailing (exterior and interior preparation, sealing, upholstery and leather repair, polishing)

20104 Water reclamation, water treatment 

20105 Filling station equipment (filling station equipment, tank systems for conventional fuels)

Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

22101 Energy storage (batteries, lithium-ion, lithium-oxygen, high-voltage systems)

22102 Alternative fuels (synthetic fuels, LPG, CNG, ethanols, hydrogen) 

22103 Complementary products (wall box, home charging systems, billing systems, charging cards, charging plugs, charging cables)

22104 Vehicle concepts (e-bikes, scooters, BEV)

22105 Resources (rare earths, lithium)

22106 Charging and tank technologies and systems (inductive/conductive systems, fast-charging systems, filling station equipment and systems, tank systems for alternative fuels)

22107 New workshop technologies (augmented and virtual reality, repair assistance and training)

22108 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

24101 Tires (summer/winter tires for cars, utility vehicles, trucks, two-wheeled vehicles and special vehicles, exclusive tires for SUV, sports cars and premium vehicles, wide-track tires, industrial tires, carcasses and tubes)

24102 Wheels and rims (exclusive and customized wheels and rims, industrial rims, customized wheel rims)

24103 Tire/wheel repair and disposal (vulcanization, balancing, wear-and-tear repairs, elastification agents, repair materials, tools, fil lers, disposal)

24104 Used tires and wheels (retreading, recycling, vulcanisation, tire care) 

24105 Tire/wheel management and systems (IT systems, online tire portals, inspection, tire logistics, tire leasing and rental, tire storage)

24106 Sales equipment and storage of tires (operating/storage/office/showroom equipment and facilities, sales aids, certification, tire storage)

24107 Accessories for tires, wheels and installation (valves, storage labels, balancing weights, theft prevention, safety equipment, wheel nuts, tire pressure management systems)

24108 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers

26101 Bodywork repairs (equipment and materials)

26102 Paintwork and corrosion protection (systems, equipment, paint, corrosion protection, spot repair, auxiliaries)

26103 Smart repair for paintwork, metal parts, plastic parts, windows, headlights, rims

26104 New materials (lightweight, carbon, magnesium, aluminum) 

26105 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers 

28101 Mobility services (sharing economy, car sharing, ride sharing, ride hailing, e-bikes, start-ups)

28102 Automated driving (electrical components for autonomous driving, robocabs, sensors, actuators, artificial intelligence, cameras, ult rasonics, lateral and horizontal driver assistance systems)

28103 Fleet management/leasing/corporate mobility

28104 Industry institutions, trade publishers and training centers