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4-7.4.2019, Istanbul

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The automotive industry is one of the four “locomotives” of the Turkish economy. It assembles some of the country’s largest exporters and represents one of the leading investor industries.

At the same time, a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises engage themselves in both production and trading, adding enormous value to the already dynamic automotive industry.

It is an economically strategic sector in terms of contribution to the national economic and social development, creating hundreds of thousand of direct and indirect employment units throughout the country and providing work for more than 500.000 people, also in the related sub-sectors.

The automotive industry has been attracting large amounts of foreign investment. 

Nowadays, the shape and structure of Turkish automotive industry is changing. Foreign investors started to see the Turkish industry not only as a temporary investment opportunity, but also started to establish production centers for their global markets. A large amount of vehicles that the large international car manufacturers produce in Turkey is aimed for export purposes all over the world. Turkey became a center for manufacturing, in particular for sedan-type passenger cars and also for a wide range of extremely successful commercial vehicle brands, making Turkey an alternative suppliers center for global manufacturers.

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